Finally, it is time to move and give your life a new purpose. The joy of being finally able to afford the new place overwhelms you and you can already see yourself having a cup of coffee on your new bench. The only thing that stands between your ideal new life and the place where you are now, there is one tiny step you have to take – you have to pack and move. When you think a little more about it, you become aware that this is definitely not a tiny step and there are a lot of things that you have to overcome for this moment of peace and happiness to come. You don’t even know where to start nor what part of the process requires the most care. We would advise you that the first thing to do is to call your local moving company and talk through what kind of help we can provide you with. If you want the best, call Los Angeles CA moving companies.

When you hire both our professional packers and movers, a wide range of services that our movers with a truck will provide you with include:

  • Precise time estimation of the moving
  • Well-maintained and cleaned trucks after every move that are always included in the price
  • Disassembling and reassembling big pieces of furniture with our tools and equipment
  • Wrapping all of your items with specialized moving blankets and plastic wrap
  • Placing hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes with all the supplies provided by us
  • Arranging big items within the house upon arrival

You are probably not aware of how many years of diligent work, thorough training, and experience is needed for professional movers to come to the point when they can assure you that everything that you leave in their hands will be handled perfectly. Our packers and movers did thousands of relocations and made thousands of people grateful and satisfied because they chose the right people to trust. We care about your well-being and we care about your finances. We consider your peace of mind our only goal. How do we actually do our relocations?

The steps that we tend to take are:

  1. You give us a call anytime you want. We are available seven days a week and our friendly sales representatives are always willing to provide you with all the information and hear all of your ideas and concerns.
  2. You get a free moving quote, that will help you decide if our moving company is the one that checks all of your boxes when it comes to affordability and reliability.
  3. We provide you with a specialized and unique packing and moving plan, based on your preferences and made especially to make sure that your relocation goes perfectly.
  4. Our packers and movers come to your doorstep at the arranged time and our foreman provide you with the time estimate, as well as a contract for you to sign
  5. Professional movers from moving services Los Angeles CA take things in their hands. They pack everything, disassemble big pieces of furniture, secure everything with plastic wrap and moving blankets, and carry your belongings to the moving truck.
  6. When they arrive at their final destination, our movers take everything out of the truck, reassemble big pieces of furniture, help you arrange things around the house if you want their help, and leave you smiling because your relocation is finished.

Seems simple and easy, right? For moving help Los Angeles CA your relocation indeed is a piece of cake. Get your free moving quote today.

Let’s face it – local moving is exhausting. There are maybe a few events in life that are more stressful and nerve-racking than moving. At one point you are at the top of the world, thinking that you finally found your dream home and that you got to the point of your life when everything seems to come to its place. In the next moment, you realize that before your new life begins you have to pack the old one and leave for the unknown. That makes you scared in so many ways, but the first struggle that you have to deal with is the process of moving itself.

How are you supposed to handle all these things that you are supposed to? Even though you started thinking about it long ahead, it still seems like there are hundreds of tasks to be done and not enough time to finish them all successfully. Some of the things seem harder than they are, like handling utilities, scheduling cleaning and fixing up both your old and new place, and hosting a goodbye party. Other things, like packing and moving require serious and detailed planning as well as good organization and execution of the plan that you made.

That is the point when moving services Los Angeles CA comes to play. We have the skills and experience to handle your local moving without you having to lift a finger. You will be surprised by how a worry-free and relaxing moving process can be when you choose the right local moving company. Of course, when making this decision, you have to be very careful. When you write “movers near me”, “local movers near me”, or “furniture movers near me”, you’ll stumble upon hundreds of advertisements for many different moving companies and independent contractors who call themselves professionals. You always have to choose carefully, explore thoroughly, and get in touch with potential local moving companies that you want to hire.

Movers Los Angeles CA are there for our clients seven days a week to listen to all your doubts and answer all of your questions. We work tirelessly to provide our clients with every kind of support they might need in their relocation process. Every one of our clients is a unique individual who deserves a plan and way of cooperation that is in accordance with his preferences and requirements. We like to hear everything you find important and make a plan that will allow you to have your peace of mind while our packers and movers work diligently to make your relocation go as smoothly and easily as possible.

The people we choose to become members of our team are experienced and trained professionals with thousands of relocations behind them and two-time more satisfied clients. We are proud to say that our best advertisement is not the web-sites or the billboards, but the word of our clients. Not only that our furniture movers do their job flawlessly, but they are also understanding, friendly, and warm people. They know that this is one of the most important events in your life, and they make sure that you don’t feel strange and worried that you are letting strangers take care of your items.

We will handle your belongings with the utmost care and make sure that they come from one point to another without a scratch. Having the perfect quality equipment, such as tools, supplies, and trucks is something that successful relocation can’t happen without. During all these years that we’ve been in the business, we found the best of the best people to partner with, having one goal in mind – your perfectly executed relocation.

Furniture movers Los Angeles CA are waiting for you. Keep calm, we got you covered. Get your moving quote today.

Assured Rate Moving LA has been moving families and singles for more than 15 years and in all these years our biggest reward has always been the smile on our clients’ faces after we carry the last one of their items into their new home. There is something special about being part of one of the most significant events in a person’s life, and that’s why we consider our job a great responsibility and we invest all of our resources into everyday progress and upgrade, so we can become better for you.

Compared to other kinds of movings, moving a house might seem easier because movers have more space, it is easier to come near with the truck, there are no narrow stairs and tiny elevators that make a job a lot harder, but it still requires serious and thorough planning and skilled and professional packers and movers who can execute this plan flawlessly. We always consider that the key to successful moving is good communication between us and our clients. Before we even seal the deal, we like to hear you out. That means that you are always welcome to share any thoughts, ideas, concerns, or suggestions about your future relocation with us. Why is this important? Because you are the one that knows your home the best. If there is a crack in the stairs that we should pay attention to, you are the only ones who can warn us. If your next-door neighbor has a dog that will come running around, you are the one who will warn us, so we can deal with the situation before some accident happens. That means that no matter how meticulous and detailed our plan is, communication with you is what gives it the final touch and makes it flawless.

After finalizing the date, plan, exact number of movers, and everything else, you won’t have to lift a finger anymore until you’re in your new home unpacking and decorating. Furniture movers from Los Angeles CA Movers will take over the process of relocation. Once they are at your doorstep, the main mover will take a look around, and at that point, you will sign the agreement, which means that your moving officially begins. Our packers and movers are fast and well-organized, you won’t have time to look around a few times, and your furniture will be packed, disassembled, and ready to go. Movers will take care of your belongings with the utmost care and make sure that every piece of furniture gets to its final point without a scratch. To ensure that, Movers and Packers Los Angeles CA works with the best providers for packing supplies and all the necessities to make your relocation as smooth as possible. That is when our modern, well-maintained moving vehicles take over the leading role. Our movers with a truck are trained to carry every piece of furniture properly. Even though this doesn’t seem like the most difficult task of the process, there are many big, oddly-shaped, hard to carry and handle pieces of furniture, and if you are not skilled enough, they can get damaged in the blink of an eye.

Every part of the moving process is important and each one should be done with complete commitment. Until they take the last item out of the moving truck, our movers won’t get comfortable nor consider their job done. When you are in your new home, and we’ve already helped you with reassembling and organizing big pieces of furniture around the house, we can be at ease knowing that your relocation is successfully finished.

If you want to find out more about the process of residential moving, as well as Movers in Los Angeles CA, give us a call. We are at your service seven days a week, and we’ll be more than happy to hear from you and provide you with the free non-obligatory moving quote for your future relocation.

Moving your business carries a totally new level of responsibility. Not only do you have to execute your moving in the most efficient and fast way, but you also have to continue working as usual and not let the moving interfere with your schedule and everyday errands. It is extremely difficult to carry out both of these things without one of the suffering consequences, which is why it is best that you seek the help of professionals to handle your commercial moving. Movers and Packers Los Angeles CA have moved thousands of businesses in these 15 years and we have a big network of satisfied clients who would always vouch for us and recommend us and that is the biggest award we can get for our hard work.

Commercial moving has to be done by movers who can guarantee you that they will move you smoothly and efficiently, while you work uninterruptedly, otherwise, hiring local movers won’t have any point. The goal is that you are able to work as usual, while our movers with truck do the hard work for you and move your office without much fuss and without asking for your presence. At least, that is how we try to handle moving your business.

No matter what kind of relocation you need help with, there are always steps along the way that we follow, and that always leads us to flawless results. If you decided to get in touch with Movers in Los Angeles CA among all the other local moving companies out there, we make sure to always be available for your call, which is why our customer support works seven days a week and is always more than happy to hear out from you and answer any of the questions you might have. Before you even decide that you want to become our client, we will provide you with the free moving quote, so you can compare us to the other moving companies and choose people who are the best for you.

Making a detailed and personalized plan for your move is the next step along the way. The plans that we make for our clients always have to be based on their schedules and lifestyles, so that we in no way interrupt their usual pacing and they can go through this stressful and overwhelming process as smoothly and easily as possible. Since it is your business that is in question, of course, you have to primarily focus on your clients and arrangements and let us deal with ours, which is relocating your office and handling your items with the utmost care.

When our local furniture movers come to your office, they will follow the usual procedure that you’ll be familiar with in advance. Our foreman will walk through and provide you with the time-estimate and then our movers will get to work. Your job there is just to keep calm and focused on your business. We will pack, disassemble, transfer, reassemble, and arrange your furniture at the new location in the blink of an eye. You have to understand that when it comes to moving, no matter how hard and stressful it is for you, for us it is something that we can do in the middle of the night and that we can do with our eyes closed since we’ve done thousands of them and we’ve learned everything there is to learn about them so far. Our movers are reliable, trustworthy, and skilled professionals who will bring a smile on your face and peace to your mind.

Your relocation is one of the most important events in your life. Whatever it is that you need help with, furniture movers Los Angeles CA are here to help you out. Get your free moving quote.

When it comes to living in Los Angeles, we admit that we have both many apartment and residential movings, because the area consists of many different districts which are good for different kinds of neighborhoods. In these 15 years, we had enough moves to master all of these kinds and overcome any challenge that comes with them. Movers Los Angeles CA considers every moving project we have unique and different from the others. That is why the way we move your apartment will be different from all the other movings that we’ve done so far.

The key point is that we make an effort to get to know you, hear about the way that you would like to handle these things, and about things that you consider troublesome. When we get access to your life like this, your relocation plan can be adapted to the things that you told us, and we can easily predict and avoid potential challenges. Relationships with our clients are one of the most important things that we put an effort to maintain well. Moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life and we know how out of their mind people can get in this period because of worrying and trying to handle everything by themselves. We know that it’s also not easy to let somebody in your life and home just like that. That is why we think that building trusting and stable relationships with our clients can help a lot in the whole process and can get us all to a better place.

On the other hand, who are the ones that in the end come to your doorstep and do all the job there is to be done? Our professional movers have been working in this field for years. Not only have they relocated hundreds of households, but they’ve also consoled and made hundreds of people feel at ease with their warmth and friendliness. Our packers and movers have frequent training sessions because there is always something to upgrade, better tools to use, or better technique to master. Moving services Los Angeles CA also go through regular medical checks as well as drug tests, for you to be sure that the people you are letting into your home are decent and trustworthy.

We always like to explain to our clients the way the moving process goes, so they know what to expect. Basically, your apartment moving usually consists of three steps:

1. Our furniture movers come to your doorstep, the foreman walks through the apartment and provides you with a time estimate as well as gives you a contract to sign.

2. Our packers and movers bring the tools and packing supplies. They disassemble big pieces of furniture, pack everything in the boxes, wrap everything in moving blankets, and plastic wrap to secure it, and carry it to the moving vehicle.

3. Once movers with truck arrive at your new address, they will get everything out of the truck and into your new home, reassemble big pieces of furniture and help you arrange them within the house. The relocation is over.

It seems easy and fast, and we can say from experience that for moving help Los Angeles CA it is. Therefore, don’t wait anymore, give us a call and let us move your apartment in the blink of an eye. Get your free moving quote today.

Storing your items has become more and more popular, since we live in the times when we are overwhelmed by always thinking that we need something and can’t live without certain things, clothes, electronics, etc. It comes to the point when we are surrounded by so many items that we can’t find the things we actually need anymore and that we don’t feel comfortable in our own home because we can’t move or breathe freely because of so much unnecessary clutter. That is the moment when we have to make the big decision, should we move to a bigger place that can store everything that we possess or should we get rid of the things we don’t need and make our space fresh and clean again?

Of course, moving is usually not an option for many reasons. On the other hand, throwing away, donating or selling all this stuff is also something that you are not really keen to do because those things are still dear to you and you want them in your possession. Moving your things to storage comes as a life-saving option in situations like this. It can wipe all your worries away since you are able to keep all of your things but they are not getting in your way anymore.

However, moving your things in- and out-of storage is a task that you also have to handle well if you plan for these belongings to remain in undamaged and perfect conditions for future use. You need to invest your time and energy into the proper planning and execution of this task. Even though you are not moving all of your furniture, you still have a significant amount of stuff that needs to be packed, carried, transferred, disassembled, reassembled, etc. Moving help Los Angeles CA includes in- and out-of storage moving in our services because we know how stressful and troublesome this kind of moving can be, regardless of how easy and simple it seems.

Our furniture movers handle your in- and out-of storage moving the same way they handle every other kind of moving. We need to invest the same amount of hard work and detailed planning if we want to execute your relocation successfully. As well as any other moving, with in- and out-of storage moving, we’ll also provide you with the free moving quote first, so you can see if our service works well for you and if we can adjust something to be more suitable for your needs and budget.

Since you’re probably wondering why would just moving your things in- and out-of storage demand so much work, we will briefly walk you through the way we handle relocating your things:

  1. We provide you with the free moving quote and discuss with you your expectations, suggestions, and requirements.
  2. We make a personalized moving plan that covers every single detail considering your relocation.
  3. Our movers come to your doorstep and our foreman estimates the work that has to be done and the time needed to finish it
  4. Movers Los Angeles CA pack your items, disassemble big pieces of furniture and make sure that everything is secured and prepared for relocation.
  5. Movers with truck transfer your items with our well-maintained, modern vehicles to their final destination.
  6. They arrange everything around the storage, reassemble big pieces of furniture and your relocation is finished.

Your relocation is one of the most important events in your life. Whatever it is that you need help with, moving services Los Angeles CA are here to help you out. Call us today and get your free moving quote.

Whenever we talk to our clients, we like to emphasize one thing – packing is the most important part of your moving. If the packing is done properly, the whole moving will probably go smoothly and easily. On the other hand, if packing is done poorly, many accidents and damage to your belongings might spoil the whole process of relocation for you. The safety of your belongings and your peace of mind come first when your relocation is on point.

If your goal is to get your things undamaged from point A to point B, you have two choices.  You can either buy professional supplies, take the time off, consider every detail of the items that you possess, and commit many hours and days to finish this task properly or hire professional movers to both a move and pack your belongings. They will come to your door prepared, bring all the supplies and tools needed, and handle everything as quickly and easily as possible. Of course, the second choice is the better one for most people, because let’s face it – with our busy schedules and everyday tasks that have to be finished urgently, who has time to waste on days of packing.

That is why we always say – let professionals help. Movers in Los Angeles CA not only know how to handle the packing, but also provide you with the best quality packing supplies on the market, and all that for an affordable price in a timely manner. There are many tips and tricks that professional movers use to pack your belongings that are the key to your successful packing. Our packers and movers have done thousands of movings, have years of experience behind them, go through regular health checks and drug tests, so they are absolutely movers that you can only wish for.

Apart from having professional movers by your side, it is also important to have good quality and professional packing supplies. When you think about packing yourself, your first thought is usually that you may borrow some boxes from the local store, improvise with your sheets and blankets and just go with it, but when you hire professional furniture movers, you’ll see how much equipment they need to pack your belongings safely and to take care of big pieces of furniture so everything remains without a scratch when the moving is finished. Plastic wrap, moving blankets, dollies, boxes, tapes, and tools are all provided by the past suppliers out there, so we can assure you that your packing and the whole relocation will go in a perfect manner.

Los Angeles CA Movers can pack for you and show you how easy and simple your relocation can be. Give us a call and let us organize your packing for you, while you relax and take care of more important things in your life. Get your free moving quote today.

Sometimes your moving is not a big event that will take you to the other part of the city and that will bring you a completely different life. Sometimes, you just have to move a few blocks away, or somewhere in your compound and you don’t need to use any vehicles nor call movers with a truck. Even though this kind of moving might seem like a piece of cake compared to having to pass a long way, drive around and carry things in- and out-of a truck, it is not quite like that. Labor-only moving carries with themselves a lot of challenges that only professional movers can be aware of and prevent. What is actually considered labor-only moving and in what situations you should contact us? Get in touch with us if you need help with one of these things:

  • Moving your items in- and out-of your moving vehicle
  • Staging your home
  • Redecorating
  • Moving within the same apartment complex
  • Rearranging your storage unit
  • Rearranging your office furniture

Careful and meticulous planning is the trademark of our company. We believe that nothing good can be made without a solid plan and people who know how to execute it well. Every kind of moving requires a good plan because every kind of moving comes with many obstacles on the way that have to be predicted and solved in advance. When you give us a call, the first thing that we do is schedule a meeting with you and hear about everything that might be your ideas of how things should be done and some concern or suggestion that you might have. Our plan starts to build itself from that point.

Even though our moving trucks are not required, on-site movings still require a lot of other things that you might not be equipped with, such as tools, packing supplies, etc. It takes a lot of preparation and skill to on-site moving while keeping your belongings in perfect condition and without a scratch. With our long history of working in the field, we really found the best people to work with. Not only that our movers are experienced, hard-working, and trained to do everything you need help with, but they are also reliable, trustworthy, and friendly people who understand how tough every kind of your move is.

What most people worry about is the actual length of the process and punctuality of the professional movers. When you write “movers near me”, “local movers near me” or

“furniture movers near me”, you’ll get a long list of local moving companies and independent contractors. Movers and Packers Los Angeles CA have heard about many scams that happen around and it’s getting more and more difficult for people to ask for help because they are afraid that they’ll be left with nothing because of the trust they gave to the wrong people. We always love to emphasize how our reputation is a lot more valuable than money because our reputation is what has kept us in this business for almost two-decade. Ask your friends and neighbors, look for online reviews, and give us a call to find out by yourself. Our customer support is available seven days a week to answer any of the questions you might have and to help you make a life-changing decision.

Don’t let moving become your worst nightmare, let Los Angeles CA Movers make your life worry-free and your relocation smooth and relaxing. Get your free moving quote today.