Will movers move alcohol?

Moving companies are not allowed to transport any flammable, corrosive, or explosive items because federal laws forbid them to do so. According to that, our policy in Assured Rate Moving LA is not to move alcohol, as well. However, If you have any questions regarding a specific item and whether we will move it, you can always give us a call and we will provide you with the needed information.

How many movers should I hire?

One of the biggest differences between hiring trained packers and movers and just requiring help from your friends and family is that they know what they’re doing. They know how to effectively stack, pack, and keep the process of loading and unloading efficiently. This can greatly reduce the number of movers that you need. With Los Angeles CA Movers’ trained staff, you should only need two to five movers depending on your household size.

Will movers pack for you?

There are many kinds of services you can choose from when you decide to hire local moving companies. Packing is something that many moving companies offer as their service. Movers and Packers Los Angeles CA has a few options for packing to choose from. When it comes to helping, not only do we provide you with the assistance of our professional movers but also the excellent quality packing supplies and everything you might need for your relocation to be successful.

Can movers charge tax?

Different moving companies have different kinds of taxes and charges. When it comes to Movers in Los Angeles CA, you will be receiving an all-inclusive rate with no additional or hidden charges. We include taxes in our rate and our professional service comes with no hidden charges or additional fees.

Are movers usually late?

When you write “movers near me”, “local movers near me”, or “ furniture movers near me” in your Google search, you will get dozens of pages of different moving companies and independent movers who will offer you the best service for the least amount of money. Some of them will probably be late, some of them will damage furniture, and some will scam you for money. That is why you always have to choose your professional movers carefully. Furniture movers Los Angeles CA value the time and money of our clients and we can guarantee that our packers and movers will always be punctual and reliable.

Who are movers who drive for you?

You will hardly find any local moving company that doesn’t include driving your things from point A to point B in their services. If you could manage this task by yourself, why would you even need local movers to help? Movers Los Angeles CA, as well as the other professional movers, provide you with the full service that includes moving trucks and all the other tools and supplies needed for your relocation to be finished successfully.

What movers don’t move?

Movers will move all sorts of things, however, there are certain items that are forbidden to move for safety reasons, as well as high risk of damage on the way. Moving services Los Angeles CA will share with you a list of items that we don’t move:

  • any kind of grand pianos (baby grand pianos)
  • pool tables (even if they are disassembled)
  • alcohol, flammable items
  • restaurant, medical, dental equipment
  • saunas, hot tubs
  • pallets with things or without them.
  • animals.

Will movers move Ikea furniture?

When it comes to furniture, there is no difference between Ikea and any other furniture. There are certain things that movers won’t move, like alcohol, flammable items, etc. When it comes to furniture, moving help Los Angeles CA will move any kind of regular furniture, disassemble and reassemble the big pieces and help you arrange them around the house.

What movers want you to know?

The most essential thing movers want you to know on a moving day is how to let them do their job. They are, after all, professionals. As such they will work best if you stay out of their way. Another thing that is very important is that even if you have decided to leave all the packing to your moving company, it would be a good idea to at least clear a way for them to carry items out of your house. Your local furniture movers are experienced and trained professionals who come prepared to handle your relocation and are perfectly able to do it in the most flawless way. Your only job is to relax, take care of yourself and your family while we pack, disassemble, reassemble, carry and arrange your furniture.

Will movers move in the rain?

Many things can impact your move whether you’re moving by yourself or using the services of local moving companies. When it comes to weather, it is mostly unpredictable, which is why it is recommended to have a plan B. Light rain can be easily managed, but heavy rain can cause a lot of problems during the moving, so it is usually advised to postpone moving if it’s an option. Of course, sometimes, the moving can’t be postponed, and packers and movers from Los Angeles CA moving companies know what procedure they should follow to finish everything flawlessly under these kinds of circumstances.