Residential Only


Assured Rate Moving Company is offering its services to people moving from city or state to another city or state. Quality, affordable and timely services are guaranteed. Our moving services will take care of your entire moving procedure to offer you a perfect moving experience. If you need our team to help you with packing, then we will send our professional team which will assist you with packing your electronics, furniture, cutlery, books and so on. You just name it, and our team will wrap it for you.


We believe in following the schedules strictly and we will make sure that we meet the schedule. A supervisor will monitor the complete process just to make sure that everything is going on as planned and without any hiccups.



We have dedicated ourselves to assist you in moving your business within Los Angeles or outside Los Angeles. Commercial Relocation is not an easy task and requires a lot of training to carry out commercial relocation with ease. We have a team skilled in commercial relocation which will take all your tensions and headaches and will make sure that your business relocation is done professionally with great perfection.


With Assured Rate Moving Company you will get the best commercial relocation services at affordable rates. So, when you can get quality moving services by local company within Los Angeles then why for some company charging you heavily for the same job?

Outside Los Angeles Services


We are a Los Angeles based moving company. However, if you are moving to some other part of California, then we are more than happy to offer you our services. Long Distance Relocation is the toughest job and requires patience and professional handling. At Assured Rate Moving Company, our team is skilled at offering the best long distance relocation services. We are professionals and best at what we do.


Just take us in services and let us handle the relocation for you.